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How to host a static site (Hugo) on GitHub Pages

· by Raffaele Sgarro · Read in about 2 min · (236 Words)

GitHub Pages is a free hosting service that can effectively be used for static content. For example this site is entirelty made up of HTML files in the master branch of the repository Only two things are needed:

  • a CNAME record in the DNS
  • a CNAME file to instruct the Pages virtual host

I use Hugo to write the posts in Markdown, and obviously keep the files in Git. The first problem is I can’t use the remote master branch, so I keep the posts in a src branch. Another strange thing is that the build artifacts must be kept in version control (!) and since I don’t really like it, I clear master every time I push. So this is my typical workflow

  • git checkout src
  • … create posts, tweak theme and commit …
  • build the site hugo -d dist
  • Move the site outside the repo mv dist /tmp/dist
  • Come back to master git checkout -f master
  • Replace the content of the directory (git rm -rf . and git clean -fxd) with the content of dist, and eventually commit
  • Rebase git rebase --root
  • Push git push -f origin --all

I rebase master because I don’t want to keep the builds in the history - it’s a huge load of files! Obviously that won’t take down GitHub, and the commits will still be online until garbage collection… But still I feel better this way :)